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Semantic Search Engine for fast and accurate
document and information processing

The commercialization of Zoom software stopped.

Since March 2011, Tropes software is available as a free version on this site.

Today most companies (and individuals) are confronted with a huge information overload, whether productive or receptive. It might be easy to obtain the information, but few tools are capable of processing it and helping you to understand it.

With its fast Natural Language Information Retrieval system, integrated Web Spider, built-in Semantic Networks and on-the-fly Semantic classifications, Zoom is a powerful Search Engine designed for Document Management, Competitive Intelligence, Press Analysis and Text Mining.

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Intelligent Semantic Search Engine

A fast Natural Language linguistic extractor automatically identifies the concepts structuring your texts. Each significant word is a semantic chain. One word suffices to find all the documents containing that word and its equivalents using plain English (or French, Spanish, etc.)

For instance, a query on the word "election" will retrieve documents containing the words "campaigning", "ballot" and "vote", even if the word "election" does not occur explicitly in the source document.

Because its Semantic Knowledge Extracting Kernel precisely identifies information in the documents, Zoom offers fast, pertinent and easy navigation among text files.

Cartography, Web mining and Text mining

Zoom Semantic Search Engine is the ideal tool to quickly chart websites or Internet contents (Web Mining), text databases (Text Mining) or Knowledge Bases (Knowledge Discovery) relating to a technological sector (Strategic Watch) or competing environment (Business Intelligence), the Human Resources of a company, etc.

Zoom incorporates a powerful analytical tool: the Semantic Scenario. Application of a Scenario to a coherent set of documents can produce cartographical information enabling automatic analysis of the whole database, which may contain a very large number of documents.

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Content Management Facilities

Zoom Semantic Search Engine comprises a complete set of tools for the administration, linguistic clustering and stratification of textual databases. Zoom's semantic content analysis facilitates thematic processing of your documents.

For example, it is possible to extract all files referring to the vocabulary of cosmetics, the oil industry, microbiology, etc., using large semantic networks for pertinence.

Zoom Semantic Search Engine is also a powerful tool for filtering information; it enables you to sort documents containing six foreign languages (French or English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian).

Productivity tools (bundled with Zoom)

The Tropes Zoom suite comprises four additional components:

All this is possible on a simple PC computer under Microsoft Windows® (2000, XP, Vista or Seven).



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