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Software Characteristics

Semantic Text Analysis features (Tropes)

Semantic Search Engine & Desktop Search features (Zoom)

Software requirements

Hardware requirements

Minimum recommended configuration

Software Processor RAM memory Disk space
Tropes Zoom LE (free version) 800 MHz 512 Mb 10 Mb
Tropes basic Pro 800 MHz 512 Mb (1) 100 Mb
Tropes Zoom Pro 1 GHz 1 Gb (2) 100 Mb
Overtext Web Module for Tropes Zoom 2 GHz 2 Gb 500 Mb
Overtext Index 2 GHz 2 Gb 2 Gb

(1) Under Windows Vista or Seven you must install a minimum of 1 Gb of RAM for correct performances.
(2) 2 Gb of RAM are recommended to perform decision-making analysis (on a significant number of indexed items) with Tropes Zoom.

Maximum capacity (theoretical)

Software Text size Number of files Number of words Raw Database Size
Tropes Zoom LE 64 Kb 100 100,000 100 files
Tropes (Pro) 100 Mb 10,000 10,000,000 -
Zoom (Pro) 100 Mb 4,000,000 40 trillions 2 Tb
Overtext Index 100 Mb Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

By "unlimited", we mean that the theoretical capacity of these software packages widely exceeds what it is possible to handle on a present-day computer. Your computer naturally has limited capacities.

For Zoom, we show the theoretical maximum capacity for a single folder. But you can index an unlimited number of folder structures.

By Raw Database size, we mean the maximum theoretical capacity in terms of text files indexed by the software in a single folder. Of course, it may require terabytes of disk space.


Tropes Zoom, Semantic Search Engine

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