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Overtext Index
Information mining
and Semantic Content Analysis solution

Overtext Index is a software solution designed to extract, format and re-use the information compiled from in-depth content analysis of a text database (i.e. of a collection of text files) which may include millions of documents.

Overtext Index is one of the components of Semantic-Knowledge's built-to-order product range and is designed to operate within a framework of corporate data processing solutions (not as an autonomous software package). The function of Overtext Index is to process a flow of information (Press releases, e-mails, Web pages, News, etc.), transmitting the "enriched" content to other software (Workflow, CRM, electronic mail, etc.), which will exploit it to achieve concrete results.

Semantic Analysis and Indexing

Because it makes possible to reduce times and costs of information processing, to build strategic knowledge bases, to improve the quality of the answers, and to classify in real time, Overtext Index answers to most of the problems of information processing, in particular for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Natural Language Information Retrieval, Knowledge Management (KM), Business Intelligence and Strategic Watch.

Because Overtext Index solutions are built up from dictionaries containing hundreds of thousands of preset semantic classifications (defined using Tropes Zoom, Text Analysis and Semantic Search Engine), they can be integrated very quickly into your information system.

Implementation using Overtext Index is carried out in three steps. You have to:

  1. Organize the text files on a server.

  2. Run a semantic analysis on a set of files.

  3. Recover the results so obtained and exploit them in a target application.

The result of the semantic analysis was designed to be used inside any Relational Database Manager System (RDBMS), and can be exploited on the majority of current data-processing infrastructures (Unix, Mainframes, etc.)

Index can also be exploited in a transparent way directly inside your applications, using a simple Application Programming Interface (API).

Overtext Index can work in parallel on multiple servers. This architecture allows for increases in processing load (simply adding servers provides a linear increase in the computing power available). It is naturally fault-tolerant (breakdown of one server does not cause a stoppage of the whole system). The data handling capacity of Overtext Index is thus almost unlimited.



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