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Publishing information for Internet
(Part V)

Important notes

1 - To publish the results on Internet, you must copy to your server all the files generated (in the output folder), preserving the same file structure, especially if you choose the options [To the files on your hard drive] or [Show local files as "Cache"]. This implies the use of file names standardized to Internet format (for example, servers are generally very bad at supporting spaces and accented characters in folder or file names)

2 - The recovery of URL addresses is only possible when each document is associated with an Internet shortcut [ URL ] (this is always the case with the Tropes Zoom’s Robot).

3 - To publish the results of the Web module on CD-ROM, just copy the output files on CD, preserving the same file tree structure. Note that the names of your documents must generally be in ISO9660/Joliet format if this is to work without any problems (see the documentation of your CD burning software for more information).

4 - Tropes Zoom’s Robot generates structures of documents compatible with the ISO9660/Joliet standards and the majority of Web servers' file systems (Unix/Linux/etc.)

5 - The Web module was not designed to deal with a very large amount of contents at one time, but rather for easy publishing and formatting of a small quantity of results (generally less than 1,000 documents at a time.

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