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Publishing information for Internet
(Part II)


The [Templates] tabsheet allows you to use existing web pages to generate content:

Text Analysis Web module parameters

Two options are possible (and activated if you indicate an existing HTML file and check the corresponding boxes):

The software is delivered with numerous template examples, which are installed in the [Scenario] folder. You can edit these examples to build your own customized templates.

The point of insertion can be controlled by using a special comment "<!-- Overtext Tropes Insert -->" inside the HTML code of the page. If this special comment is not identified, the software will insert content before the </BODY> tag ending the HTML file.

Page settings

The [Page setting] tabsheet allows you to act on the working of the generated pages.

Text Analysis Web module parameters

Three options are possible (they will be activated only if you specify a file and if you check the corresponding boxes):

If you are not fully conversant with the design of the Stylesheets, use one of those delivered with this software, or go back to your Internet website (which will enable you to benefit at the same time from the same graphic charter).

It is not the purpose of this manual to explain all the techniques of publication of Web pages. Please see, for more information about the CSS Stylesheets, and, for more information about Javascript. Note that Internet offers plenty of information about CSS Stylesheets and Javascript.

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