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Defining main parameters

All the main parameters are on the [Settings] tabsheet on the right frame :

Web mining parameters

After choosing a starting URL, you must set an Output folder: the place on your hard drive where the output files are going to be written. Warning : Because the whole content of this output folder can be deleted (reinitialized) by the software, you must choose a new empty folder (for example, avoid using “My documents” root folder for output).

Next, set the general search mode for surfing through links in the [Links surfing] group box:

Next, use the Scan settings parameter to set Search depth level: it represents the depth to which the page tree is followed, starting from the first URL. In other words, every time the software finds a link, it follows it, up to n times. With a high value, entire Web sites can be captured.

You can set more options using the Analysis options tabsheet or Advanced parameters command.

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Analysis options

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