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Zoom is a very powerful desktop search and semantic analysis engine enabling you to search for, to group together by subject, and to manage all the texts dealing with one or several themes within a large body of documents.

In order to use it, you have to follow these three steps:

  1. index a collection of documents,

  2. start a search by using a few criteria,

  3. browse or analyze the results.

This software has been intentionally designed to automate as much as possible the classification of your documents, without requiring of you a great knowledge or command of linguistics. Zoom is intuitive and user-friendly, even though it carries out mechanically and invisibly a very complex work of analysis on your documents. But the operation of Zoom (semantic analysis) is also rather "subtle", and it is necessary that you take a few minutes to read, at least once, the following pages at least once if you want this software to give you complete satisfaction.


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