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General Options.

Use the [Tools][Options] menu to parameterize the software:

You can choose the type of sorting of the files found:

For greater convenience, you can also change the sorting parameters by using the context menu on the files found (click with the right button of the mouse).

The [Open with] option enables you to specify whether, when pressing the [Enter] key on the files found, the documents must be analyzed by Tropes or whether they must be opened with the original application (the default application in Windows). If you are analyzing Web pages, for instance, the [Open with][Windows] option will give you the possibility to consult by default the documents with your Internet browser.

When the [Show Internet URLs when available] box is checked, Zoom will automatically replace the files names with their Internet addresses (http://www.mysite.comů), provided that this information is available (the Internet shortcuts must be associated with the files).

The [Use large system fonts] box enables you to double the size of the display fonts. Use this option only if you are partially sighted, or if you are displaying on very high-resolution screens.

The [Criterion] tabsheet enables you to customize the default criteria (semantic classes or Scenario) and the display mode of the main window.

The [Installation] tabsheet enables you to modify the type of installation (see Tropes Zoom installation guide, Installation in multi-user mode).

The [Similarity] tabsheet enables you to modify the calculation parameters for similar texts (see corresponding chapter).

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