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The identification of foreign languages.

Zoom automatically identifies five foreign languages, chosen among the six languages it could process at the time this manual was written (i.e. German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese). The original language of the software is excluded: if you are using the English version of Zoom, for instance, then English will naturally not be considered a foreign language.

To search for documents containing foreign languages, type the name of the language sought (for example, type “German”, “French”, “Spanish”, “Italian” or “Portuguese”), then check the boxes corresponding to [text_in_German], [text_in_French], etc.

Note that Zoom automatically searches for excerpts in foreign languages, but does not specifically identify the original language of the text, which is sometimes difficult to determine. It is indeed quite frequent to find texts containing several languages simultaneously, especially in Web pages, that often have bilingual contents, or in scientific and technical bibliographies (book references contain several languages: English is very frequent, then come Spanish and French, German, etc.) To determine whether a text is entirely written in a foreign language, display the files found by pertinence: as a rule, most texts with a pertinence above [.700] for a given criterion on a foreign language are written mainly in the language sought.

Below is an example of a query on texts written in Spanish:


1 - The functions enabling the identification of foreign languages are automatically incorporated in the [Concepts…] Scenarios supplied with the software.

2 - The international versions of Tropes Zoom are software programs that are sold separately: do not expect to find a French version of the software if you have bought only the English version.

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