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Using the Scenario to navigate the search results.

Once the search is finished, a classification of the files found is displayed in the [Scenario] tabsheet (on the left). This semantic classification is entirely and solely based on the Scenario you have defined when indexing the folder structure.

The classification is carried out in real time on all the files found (and not on the whole of the folder, which would be of lesser interest). Each line includes the name of the Scenario group, followed by the number of related documents (displayed in parentheses). A checkbox gives you the possibility to restart the search (by subject) on a subset of files found.

In the example below, you can see a geographical classification obtained with the "Concept US V6" default Scenario supplied with the software:

Scenario: A dynamic thesaurus with semantics

Note that this classification by the Scenario complements your criteria, but is not in any way a substitute for them (the Scenario will not tell you what to search for). However, you can combine your criteria with the Scenario groups to gradually refine your search, and to filter and study the results step by step. The interesting thing about the classification of the Scenario is that it is emergent (dynamic thesaurus), in that it stems not only from your search criteria, but also from the automatic analysis (Text Mining) of the documents, thus offering you the opportunity to find new pieces of information.

At this stage, you can use the Scenario to navigate the search results with great relevance, since the only branches that are displayed are those which contain documents. But the Scenario is also a very powerful analysis tool, since it instantly gives you a thematic classification of the results.

The Scenario tabsheet is equipped with a toolbar and a context menu (displayed by clicking with the right button of the mouse):

These give access to a number of tools that are very useful when navigating the results and the Scenario:

For further information on the creation of Scenarios, or if you want to automatically generate an analysis report from the Scenario, consult the related sections in the Tropes documentation.

For further details about the statistical utilization of the results of the Scenario, consult the chapters "Using a Scenario when Indexing" in this manual and the "Report Writer" in Tropes Reference manual.

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