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Menus and toolbar.

All the main functions of Zoom are accessible both via both the menus and the toolbar of the software. Since the latter is more suitable for an everyday use, this manual will limit itself to explaining the toolbar.

You will find it on the left of the files retrieved. You can use its buttons to:

The analysis of a series of documents enables you to dynamically build up a coherent body of documentary data (in relation to your search criteria), thus sparing you the trouble of repetitive manual operations on a number of text files.

If you are studying the contents of a book, of which each chapter is stored in a different file, you can use Zoom, for instance, to examine all the chapters about a character and a place (search criteria). If the names of the text files suggest the occurrence order of the chapters (for example: "chap1", "chap2", "chap3", etc.), you can aggregate the chapters of the book in chronological order, by sorting the files found in alphabetical order (see Options below).

To carry out Press Analysis or Business Intelligence, you can open as a whole a series of documents that contain your search issues and analyze them with Tropes, in order to work directly on every source of information you deem essential.


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