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Using the Search Engine results.

At the end of the search, the software displays the files containing the stipulated criteria in the right frame. These documents are preceded by counters showing the number of words that correspond to the search criteria:

Semantic search engine results

In the above example, we see that the result of the search on the word "hat" has given 23 answers for the [Snark12.txt] file.

To open a text, just double-click on the corresponding line or press the [Open] icon of the toolbar. If you choose to open the document with Tropes, the software will start the analysis of the text, then automatically position itself on the equivalent class related to the first selected criterion.


1 - This version of Zoom cannot display more than 10,000 documents simultaneously (though this is quite a considerable number).

2 - The documents are displayed provided that their occurrence frequency is high enough, i.e. above the Class detection threshold (see Indexing parameters) used when indexing the folder.

3 - When the search has been carried out from a text, the counter shows the similarity rate (see Searching from a text above).

If you are using Zoom for Strategic Watch, Business Intelligence or Press Analysis purposes, we recommend that you select several files and analyze them as a whole with Tropes. This will enable you to find the information you are searching for much more rapidly than by opening documents one by one (going back to the original document will be easy with the [Context] function of Tropes).


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