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Semantic Information Retrieval

Searching for a concept.

Before starting a search, open a folder containing documents on which you want to carry out Information Retrieval (and where you have indexed a folder). To do so, use the [Folder] button:

Open a folder

To search for one or several specific words, type them in the [Search] field:

Semantic search criterion

In the above example, the search is carried out on a single criterion: the word “hat”.

Once you have written something in the [Search] field, the software will suggest that you replace each identified word (criterion) with the equivalent class it is contained into. Zoom is a Semantic Search Engine. Thus, the search is not carried out directly on the words you have chosen, but on the totality of their Semantic Equivalents. For example, if you make a search on the word “hat”, the software will not only retrieve the texts containing “hat”, but those that contain “cap”, “beret”, etc. You can also extend the search to the notion of “clothings” by checking the related boxes in the criterion list. Note that a word needs not belong to an equivalent class for you to carry out a search, because the software also indexes all the names that appear in the texts, even when they are not associated with an equivalent class.

In the above example, the first suggested criteria (displayed in blue) are those of the default Scenario. To simplify matters, let us say that, at this stage of the search, the Scenario acts as a thesaurus. We will go back to the Scenario further on in this manual, so we ask you to ignore it for the time being.

To start the search, press the [Enter] key or click on the [Search] button.

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