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Using a Scenario when indexing.

The Scenario is a tool with which you can at the same time define an analysis grid, modify your dictionaries, and build your own classifications.

We recommend that you always use a Scenario when indexing, otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of the classification functions on the files found. If you have not yet defined your own customized Scenario, use one of the Scenarios (called Concepts…) supplied with the software.

To modify your dictionaries, and to create your own customized classification, follow the method below:

  1. use a default Scenario to index your documents,
  2. analyze a sample of texts with Tropes,
  3. create a new Scenario (for example: by grouping together unclassified words with their related equivalent classes, or by customizing the classifications of an existing Scenario),
  4. re-index your documents, and specify the name of your new Scenario.

To create Scenarios, consult the Tropes documentation.

Within a business context, you will typically use a classification Scenario to group together the name of your company with the names of its subsidiary companies, or of its various departments, of the products you are marketing, of your market segments, of your competition environment, etc. Below is a fictitious example of how to build a “business” Scenario within the automotive context:

Scenario Tool: Thesaurus with semantics

Once your Scenario is made, it is easy for you to carry out a search on these various concepts: just specify the name of your Scenario when indexing the folder, and these classifications will appear on the Zoom criterion line. This makes it really simple for you to search for your products, competitors, market segments, etc.

Note: The Scenario is indissociable from your folder structure. When you change the folder, the Semantic Search Engine automatically reloads the Scenario used for its original indexing. Likewise, if you use Tropes to analyze your documents, Zoom will ask Tropes to change the related Scenario.

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