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Indexing parameters.

To index a folder structure, you must open the root folder containing the documents you wish to index, then click on the [Index this folder] button.

The following dialog is displayed:

Semantic search engine parameters

The [Folder] button enables you to change the folder from which you want to start the indexing.

The [Type] drop-down list box enables you to choose which type of file is to be taken into account. For further details about file formats, consult the Tropes documentation (Appendixes, Files Format Conversion paragraph).

Then you must select the Scenario that will be applied to the indexing of the folder, bearing in mind that, for your first use of the software, you can choose the default Scenario.

Indexing begins once you press the [Create] button. Of course, you can start directly with this, but it may be wiser to examine a few additional parameters before carrying out the indexing.

The [Options] tabsheet displays advanced configuration parameters:

Semantic search engine parameters

Two Build types are possible:

  1. Global: search indexes are systematically built for all the texts of the folder.

  2. Incremental: search indexes are built only for new or modified files (it will be a time-saver right from the second indexing of a folder).

If you are a beginner on this software, we recommend that you choose the global build type, which is easier to use.

You must check the [Enable incremental build] box to carry out the incremental build type. When you select this option, the semantic search engine generates for each scanned document a small file (.IDT) so that the index of the folder can quickly be reconstructed without re-analyzing the texts that have already been indexed.

By default, the semantic search engine will scan the sub-folders of the folder you are currently indexing. You can avoid this by disabling the [Scan sub-folders] box.

The [Analysis options] button enables you to access to the analysis engine options (consult the Tropes manual for further information).

Important note:

You must entirely rebuild your search index for a folder (by checking Build type: global) every time you:

On the other hand, you can use incremental indexing, if you are working with a single Scenario (whose content is never modified), to quickly reconstruct the a search index after having deleted the "unwanted" texts, or to create several indexes within the same tree structure of folders.

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