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Semantic-Knowledge was created by ACETIC, CYBERLEX and private investors.

Founded in Paris in 1994, ACETIC was one of Europe's leading software companies for Textual and Semantic Analysis and Natural Language Processing.

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Founded in Lisbon in 2003, CYBERLEX is one of the foremost Spanish and Portuguese specialists in Information Retrieval and Language Analysis.

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The two companies' consultants, researchers, and specialists in social science and computational linguistics have long since proved that even a small computer is capable of solving numerous problems in Natural Language Processing.

By 2002, more than 100,000 copies of Tropes Zoom software had already been shipped. Since then, growth has been spectacular until today our products operate in six languages and are marketed worldwide.

Customers include major corporations in aerospace, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, the motor industry and numerous other sectors, government departments worldwide, including defense, health and science ministries; statistical and other research institutes; the administrations of major cities in Europe and abroad; numerous universities; financial and commercial organizations and many more.

Uses of our software cover a very broad spectrum, including applications as disparate as technological watch, analysis of free-response questionnaires, studies of the effectiveness of advertising, monitoring of changes to brand image, analysis of clinical interviews, behavioral studies, or analysis of literary works.


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