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Semantic Search Engine and Web Mining

Semantic-Knowledge is a leading provider of Natural Language Processing (NLP) software, including Semantic Search Engine, Text Analysis, Intelligent Desktop Search, Text Mining, Knowledge Discovery and Classification systems:

Tropes Text Analysis

Tropes -  High Performance Text Analysis

Designed for Semantic Classification, Keyword Extraction, Linguistic and Qualitative Analysis, Tropes free software is a perfect tool for Information Science, Market Research, Sociological Analysis, Scientific and Medical studies, and more..

OwlEdge Concept Search

OwlEdge -  Concept Search Services

OwlEdge is Semantic-Knowledge's Built-To-Order Solution for Semantic Analysis
Coming soon...

Our software is designed to help you to face a increasingly dense information flood:

This software is based on powerful text analysis technology, using dictionaries that contain hundreds of thousands of preset semantic classifications, and reliable analysis techniques resulting from years of scientific research.

Tropes is available now for the English, French, Spanish and other languages.

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